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Interview. Amazone company on its latest product awarded with AGROSALON gold medal

 In early October, the visitors of the AGROSALON show can see all the latest developments of the global agricultural machinery, including the WindControl system, the only system in the world which automatically adjusts the distribution of mineral fertilizers subject to the weather factors.

The wind speed and direction sensor which is mounted on ZG-TS and ZA-TS spreaders of the mineral fertilizers significantly improves the uniformity of applying the fertilizers, thereby improving the efficiency of their use. The system detects the speed and direction of the wind in real-time, transmits these data to the onboard computer, and using with the unique algorithms for calculating the distribution pattern, controls the spreading system by changing the feed point of the fertilizer onto the disks and the speed of their rotation. 

The company highly praised the honorary medal of the competition, and Victor Yegorov, the head of the Amazone group product managers was pleased to confirm it.

First of all, we would like to congratulate you with the top award! Can you tell us what prompted you to create this model?

The idea of the automatic adjustment of the fertilizer distribution fan in a strong wind occurred long time ago. Since 2011, we began active developments in this area. In 2013, with the market launch of Amazone ZA-TS and ZG-TS spreaders with electronic control of the material supply point to the sorting disk, and then with Argus Twin monitoring system, this task became much simpler and got real outlines. In 2015, a series of successful experiments was carried out in the North of Germany.

Were there any problems on the way of creation from an idea to the finished working model?

I'd rather call them working issues, not problems. To be sure that everything works correctly and smoothly, the WindContol system had to be tested a sufficient amount of time.

What are the benefits of this development for the consumer?

WindControl system allows even application of mineral fertilizers, even in strong winds, thus you do not miss the optimal time for application.

Is it available to the consumers?

WindControl is already freely available with no restrictions by countries and quantities.

What are its prospects for the domestic market?

Test machine with the system already operates in Russia. After AGROSALON exhibition, further sales are planned.

What are your plans for the future? What directions for the development has the company chosen?

Amazone company has started moving toward automation and digitalization of the processes in agriculture long ago. This area remains a priority for us.

Spreader with mounted WindControl system will be displayed at the Amazone booth (Hall 14, F. 2.10). The AGROSALON exhibition will be held from 9 to 12 October 2018 in Moscow, in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. This event officially ranks in some of the most famous international expositions of agricultural machinery, and is the biggest exhibition in Russia where the production of all leading global manufacturers of agricultural equipment is represented.









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