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Winners of the independent professional contest of the AGROSALON innovative machinery

70 innovative developments by leading world manufacturers were presented for the contest, but only 16 of them were recognized the best. Traditionally, the nominated vehicles were evaluated according to strict criteria: the implications of the innovation for real-life issues, benefits for the enterprise economy and balance of labor resources, improvement of efficiency and environment, preserving natural resources and improving soil fertility, impact on safety and labor saving.

After long discussions, 3 gold and 13 silver medals were awarded. 

Gold medals

  Gold medals of AGROSALON 2018 independent professional contest of innovative machinery were awarded to the developments by Rostselmash, Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH &Co.KG and HORSCH Maschinen GmbH companies.

- Rostselmash combine plant received the well-deserved gold for the development of autonomous optical electronic automated driving system for grain harvesters - Explorer field edge and windrow autopilot. While the existing windrow automated driving systems use the satellite-assisted positioning signals, and field edge automated driving systems use one or two specific cameras, the RSM Explorer windrow and field edge automated driving system provides for working in the field without the need for satellite-based navigation signals and with just one standard camera.

- Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH &Co.KG won the highest award of the competition with its WindControl system – the world's only system for automatic adjustment for distribution of mineral fertilizers according to the weather conditions. The system records the wind speed and direction in real-time mode, transmits these data to the onboard computer, and with unique algorithms for calculating the distribution pattern, controls the distribution system, changing the point of feeding the fertilizers onto the disk and the speed of their rotation.


 - The final gold was awarded to HORSCH Maschinen GmbH for the development and introduction of the system of automatic control and individual adaptation of the pressure in the row unit's coulters in the unstable soil conditions.


Silver medals


Silver medals were also awarded for outstanding developments that have profound impact on improvement of processes. The development of 13 companies won the honorary silver:

1.         RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Axmat duo

For implementation of the system of automatic control and optimization of the distribution pattern based on actual features of the fertilizer particles;

2.         Amazonen-Werke H.Dreyer GmbH &Co.KG

Comfort Paket Plus system

For implementation of the electronic system for automation of configuring and maintenance of field sprayers;

3.         Klaas Vostok LLC

Convio Flex multi-purpose draper header

For development of a multi-purpose draper header with a flexible cutter bar providing a copy of the field microrelief

4. Kverneland Group Ravenna S.r.l.

Kverneland FastBale Baler

For development and introduction of bailing and wrapping solution in two sequential chambers

5.         RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Electronic system of flow control and regulation of EMC mass for Rauch Axis-2 disk spreader

For introduction of automatic continuous dosing of EMC without the use of weight sensors

6.         Lechler GmbH

Lechler ESV electric shut-off valve

For development of electronic components of shut-off valves for field sprayers with an option of quick fitting on other vehicles that already exist at a farm

7.         Klaas Vostok LLC

Crop Flow system for grain harvesters

For development and implementation of the system for automatic control of mass flow that prevents blocking of grain harvesters' threshing and cleaning systems

8. Rostselmash

OptiMax combiner's interactive assistant

For development and implementation of the guided help for an operator in selecting the optimum settings of the grain harvester depending on current operating conditions

9.         Kverneland Group Soest

Kverneland Optima TF Profi SX drill

For development and implementation of drilling sections with an option of high-speed sowing a wide range of row crops


Reinforced soil-cultivating tools

For development and implementation of the solution of surface strengthening through building up the tools of tillage machines and aggregates

11. Klaas Vostok LLC

Claas Remote Service

For development and implementation of remote diagnosis and planning of maintenance for self-propelled farm machinery

12. Pegas-Agro LLC

Tuman-2M mounted multi-injector

For introduction of a system for subsurface injection of liquid mineral fertilizers with a rotary needle injector based on Tuman-2M multi-purpose self-propelled chassis on ultra-low pressure wheels

13.       Weidemann

Telescope type wheel loader 9080

For development and introduction of the concept of a telescope type loader with an articulated frame and hydrostatic drive







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